Me this is me and a speach

Im a Girl who is a teen plan life but i like to dance and sing at night i mostly stay in my head and stick ti imaging life days and i read lots of love storys and fictins and i write online and i get to post them im working on my own story in my head and im thinking of making it a book i learn alot and i learn about a problem i have but i ignore it i look up to the sky and say this every day: Morning day tell the animails i said hi and the rain i said bye hope to see you next time! for some reason i like the rain more then the other weathers besides the one that comes with water i learn from my mom my element is water isnt that odd? most element people dont like theres while i love mine! i always love the woods i wonder if one day i could go and live in the woods and stay there it seems like it would be a fun place doesnt it? It always seem like that to me i love to sing Anna blue songs in my head i end up humming my class mates always tell on me when im not bothering anyone and for some reason they do i ignore it and contuie in my head and they cant stop me hehe!~ I think of my friend sometimes we get to draw in class idk why it seem kinda borning so i use my imagenation to take me somewhere else then i focus and draw and draw i sometimes dont draw what the teacher wants me to i get in trouble for that i found out i had Hhd i didnt in the past no what that means but now i do no wonder i always didnt focus heh well cause of that i always get in trouble i just stop caring if i got in trouble and contuie to be me heres a tip if you keep getting in trouble for like to do art sing dance and talk to your friends just say this idc there my friends or i love this and if u have a problem with it learn this teacher im sorry for being rude or seem like it but i just cant help it and if you keep making me feel like i am a porblem then realize this im still learning i am trying my hardest it may not seem like it bue i am and i keep trying to be a better person if i make mistakes or seem like im dazzing of its cause im diffrent then you or the others i try my hardest to understand but how your explaining it i cant understand and its cause i dont learn that way :/ sometimes you have to say things like that i know it may seem bad but sometimes you have no choice i learn that the hard way but heres a tip never let people let you down keep moving on and see what you can do to learn sing dance fight keep going try to get some help if you need it dont be ashame of being you and doing things you love well thats all

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