Me is Me


Standing straight up with a

Glowing smile. Eyes wide open,

Seeking the light that shines through

Every negative remark made toward me.

“Too skinny!”

“Eat a sandwich!”

Oh, but I do eat.

I look fabulous as hell!

110 pounds of pure strength and

Prime meat.

I’m no stiff but I’m no saint.

I am perfect to

Myself while continuing to improve and

Progress positively.

“You don’t act black.”

“You’re skin isn’t light enough.”

Oh, but I am a mulatto.

I am an “it”.

I break stereotypes, so what?

I inspire.

I strive; thrive.

I am audacious.

No one else can compete.

I compete with my flawless self.

Becoming more flawless in the

Eyes of me day by day.


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