Me. Just Me.


I am me.

From the little sprouts on the top of my head,

To the toes on my feet, almost hanging off the bed.

I am the only me there is, no one compares.

I am the only me there is, the only one that bares.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

No one does it like I can,

No one but me.

I am the crazy type, people look and stare,

I even have some crazy styles, like with my hair.

I'm different, woe is me.

I'm on another level, your highest thoughts couldn't reach me.

I have flaws, like many of us do.

Insecurities, I have many that is true.

I am the only me,

That is plain to see.

I am the only me,

People can dream, hope or wish to be,

Somewhere like I,

Soaring through the sky,

Of my mind, my time, my rhyme, of mine

But I am mine, 

I'm benign, good heart, soul, and mind.

I won't waste anymore of your time,

So you won't have to rewind.

To the moment before you opened this, 

Poem about me,

Seeing who I wanted to be.

But in all honesty,

I want to be,

No one but me

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