Me, I am Mariah Too!


Raised by a strong woman as my example,

Influence and guidance have always been ample.

There have been struggles to find my path and my way,

Often times changing direction each day.

Named after a great artist and musical muse,

Was there a way to truly fill those shoes?

So confusing it was to be a young teen,

But now I have adjusted, and clearly seen.

Me, I am Mariah too,

Inspiring to many and loving of few.

The ones that I love, devoted I’ll be,

But cross me-and frost from the North Pole you’ll see!

For me, there is only one kind of love that’s true,

Loyalty must be given and nothing in lieu.

As a Virgo I do not care about flowers and candy,

Put up or shut up suites me just dandy.

I will not tolerate public displays of affection,

Do yourself a favor and kiss in that direction!

I am a mad perfectionist, who needs things “just so”,

Efficient and organized, orderly, in a row.

No need to highlight my flaws to me,

As I am very well aware of what you think you might see.

To say that I am comfortable being me,

Accurate, factual that statement would be.

Love myself to love others, is what I do know,

Self respect allows more love to grow.

I do understand that there is quite the road left,

Untraveled and exciting, unknown at best.

I am armed with the confidence I need to succeed,

Mariah I am now and always will be.


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