You are the flesh 
of my flesh 
the heart in my chest 
every beat tells the rest 
little feet play the drum 
in my soul each song
my nerves tune along
your the light 
in the invincible sky
of my womb ,you shine 
i would struggle for you to survive
for you are my gift prize
each breathe on this earth
pushes a mother's cry 
for her baby's life
i would rather bleed to death
than to have you
suffer among the dead 
you are my pride 
i would drown for you 
tear my skin
i would rather have you win
than for you to die with my sins 
these old bones of mine
i want wrinkles 
to mark special times 
each moment i spent 
when your beauty i will see 
when you live 
the thick and thin
we will share memories 
that lies 
deep within 
the shores of skin
dont cry 
mama's got your side 
for I,
I see a place of sanctuary
where i am gallant like
the warriors from slavery
a strong maroon
like them,
is stained with possibility
by deciteful well wishers
who light candles on me
burning all of my dignity
but ,they didnt take 
all of my spirit away
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