This is Me and what Makes Me Happy


I started college at seventeen

Not on a whim, on a dream

To show the world who I wanted to be


I was looking for something, something more

Something to show for myself, which could not be ignored

Something that no one could take away


So I found college, and it found me

And I continue to seek my degree

First an Associate’s then maybe a Bachelor’s


Doctor of Pharmacy is the main goal

A great career to sate my soul

Two years now, working on three, with about seven more to go


But nothing has stopped me and I pursue on,

For this is the path which I am set upon,

I have faced many challenges, that is no lie


I have faced many others who had their doubts about me

They’ve said I could not do it but I disagree

Although it is harder than I ever could have imagined


So I just keep proving them wrong

Showing them this is where I am at and this is where I belong

My parents, though, have always supported


They have taught me well and I wish to show it

For all that they have done has been for my benefit

They are so proud and that makes me happy


But they understand that this is also for me

And know that I have many reasons for pharmacy

A great career? Yes. money? Sure, but there is much more


For with this career, I will seek a life

I know it will be worth all of the strife

 I am willing to fight for it and so I do


This career will provide me with opportunity

The ability to explore what makes me happy

My heritage, travel, languages, experiencing cultures, martial arts, and dance


And many other interests in the palms of my hands

I have so many plans

But to do so my career must be the first on this long, long list


Dreams of this career and the future it will provide me

Aren’t that far, not a complete fantasy

For the future is bright and that makes me happy.


To give back to others is another strong motivation

And to see my parents be there for my graduation

To help to pay off their house, in case something happens,


My siblings have almost all gone, and I am what is left

The baby of the family to carry a burdens heft

I am the best one for this position, though, this is true.


I love to be able to help others

Help people like my three older brothers

They all have jobs, children, or wives.


But we all help each other as best as we can

And I love that about us, we are a tightly knit clan

A good family, and that is what makes me happy


These are all things that go into who I am

And the reasons to why I work hard at every exam

I do it for me, and I do it for them


I crave a life with stability, contentment, and success

I work to do more while others do less

This is who I am


This is who I have become lately

This is what makes me, me

This is me and that is what makes me happy


Meli Ana V. Sanchez

I really hope people enjoy this it really came from a part of me.

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