Me and My Life With Poetry

Poetry never came to me till I was around the age of thirteenI use to write, write, write rhymes thinking I was a MC.I never could put the lyrics to instrumentals because I wrote to no music just used my instant mental.That's when it became just me and my life with poetry.  Poetry isn't just writing rhymes and giving speeches.Each one has a symbolic story with its own meaning. Poetry is like finding the missing piece to my puzzle.It brings excitement so there's no more struggle.Now this left me with me and my life with poetry.  Being tired of not telling my feelings to no one .Till my mom bought me a diary then the story begun.Having to hide my feelings that nobody understood.Left me to writing rhymes which no one knew I could.It became daily expressing myself each day in a rhythmically wayLed me to putting everything on pen and paper that I was scared to say.Without poetry in my life I was emptyI would jot down anything in my life that was sympatheticallywhich makes me remember why it's just me and my life with poetry.  Having this talent to write poems about any topic. Led me to feeling if I can't  be anything I know I can be a poet Being a poet always helped me remember I can be anything in life Even when everyone gave up on me and said they would choose me as a sacrifice. From being called out my name to being abused by my father I still wrote, wrote, wrote because that's what kept me sober.Poetry was my high to life It pushed me through with no tears left to cry If I can be anything professional in the future I would choose a poet because it embarked on me a sanity cure.Me and my life with poetry.  Behind poetry is not only a story.It's a story that led me to being a poet out the ordinary.No one believed in me going to college because of what I went through.The abuse and hard times pushed me for my dream as a high school graduate to come trueAlong with poetry engraving in my heartIt is what really pushed me from the startSo thanks P for giving me the courage to believe in somethingThat if no one has me, just think of me and my life with poetry.

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