ME and HE

It wasn't the way in which HE tortured ME with hope,

nor was it the words HE said that angered me.

HE was so ignorant,

knew nothing of the loss I was fighting to endure.

HE had not seen my pain.

HE shared nothing.

HE knew nothing.

HE felt nothing.

Then the realization grabbed my mind in a tight grip,

I tried my hardest in this moment not to cripple...

I was not enough.

HE let go of ME.

My thoughts scrambled,

seared by every word HE said.

10 months...

I fought the battle of the broken heart HE casued ME.

HE asked ME,

why? why? why do you forgive me for hurting you....

I then mumbled so very soflty...

Because I love you.

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