I am not ashamed of myself.
I wonder how other people think of themselves.
I hear people everywhere.
I see all sorts of emotions on people.
I want people to understand the world around them.
I am someone who wants life to be worthwhile.

I pretend that life is always fine.
I feel as though there is good and bad in the world.
I touch the world with my heart.
I worry about the devastation of others.
I cry for all chaos and unease in the world.
I am a person who tries to see the good in people.

I understand that no one is perfect
I say that we all have hardships.
I dream for a place where everyone is treated equal.
I try to realize that not all people will accept others.
I hope one day people will really see people and not just look at them.
I am a person who wants a better world.

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Our world



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