1. This tale is true, and mine. It tells

  2. How wonder brought me to the best

  3. Thing that could have ever happened

  4. In my life. I never knew that something

  5. So small could impact me so much.

  6. I decided to make contact with the thing

  7. That had been missing in my life for

  8. As long as I could remember. Something

  9. Changed in me that day, and made me

  10. Realize that filling that void could make

  11. My life so much better than it was . It

  12. Could make things run so much smoother.

  13. After making contact I decided to go

  14. Face someone that I never thought

  15. That I would have to. I felt a lot better

  16. About how the rest of my life would go.

  17. I made a big change and had to think

  18. About whether I really wanted to leave

  19. Everything that I knew and was use

  20. to. I had to go somewhere new and

  21. Meet new people and begin to love

  22. Another family, which was really difficult

  23. For someone as young as I was, but

  24. I knew I could do it as long as I knew

  25. It was the right choice to make. Sometimes

  26. The smallest choices that you make in life

  27. Can mean the most. Almost all of the

  28. Time we think that doing something life

  29. Changing is scary and we kind of doubt

  30. Ourselves, then it doesn't get done and we

  31. Later regret not having done so. Strive for

  32. What you want in life, and don't let anyone

  33. Distract you or tell you that you can't

  34. Do it. Nothing in this world will be

  35. Handed to you; everything you want

  36. In life has to be earned. If you ever have

  37. Fear of doing something that you

  38. Know is the right thing to do, then do

  39. What you think will cause the

  40. Better outcome. Life is a journey

  41. And to make your own, you

  42. Have to own it. Be yourself

  43. No matter what problems you

  44. Face, don't let someone try

  45. And change who you are.

  46. Follow your dreams and

  47. Trust your instincts when someone

  48. Tries to get you down, then pick yourself

  49. Up again and believe in what

  50. you want to do and live your life

  51. To the fullest.
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My family


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