for me

Loving myself for me and not you
My beauty comes from inside to work its way out,the great brown eys I use to look deep.
My plans wanting to succeedd; go to college and get a great job that i wil love. Yeah thats what i see. Do you?
My body with the soft skin; it may be long, may be skinny, maybe not.
I love it!!! No matter what beacus it's mine and the things it goes through it's stil strong. The strong hands on my body that goes through lots. They cook, write, paint, scrub, fix and more.! I love them. I have a mouth with the beauty of a smile that goes though some others and myself too.
a smile that sometimes seems to show other expressions when needed. A mouth of great spoken words that reaches and touches out to others. I can scream, shout, embrace, sing, and speaking my mind. Don't love it, no probelm. I love it!!
My style; ha yes my style. I walk my walk, dance my dance, listen to my own music, i talk my talk and do me. I rock it my way. Follwing someone else would be to boring and not right; not my type. Others may not like it. I ignore. I love it!!! I am a growing beauteous, strong, athletic, hard working young lady on earth. Don't think so, dont matter. I love it and i know it.
My culture, oh my culture!! the wonderful skin color I live in which lives in some history, food I eat (cornbread, blackeye peas, chicken, baked macaroni, and more), the dance we step the celebrations we have the connection we live, the beats i live with of Hip-hop, R&B, and jazz also i can't forget the history I live by. I make sure my culture is know. Don't like it no probelm. I love it!!!
I am me; me for me not for you. I love everything about me and last time i checked i don't think i will be changing any time soon. Don't like any of it no worries. I was brought in this world to live!!!


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