Under the make-                         up.    Beneath         the filter.Behind the forced smiles.

Is a girl.A girl                         who’s not so sure         of herself.A girl who loves to make

her daddy  laugh.                A girl who knows           her mama’s hugs will never get old.

A girl who    likes             staying in   pajamas          all day and

watching       TV. A           girl who      prefers           eating break-

fast for          dinner      than break-   for break-        fast.A girl

who                 wishes on every          11:11.A          girl who

wants the       very best for her          little sis.          A girl who never leaves

the house                                           without           an “I love you.”  A girl 

who was                                             afraid of          driving by herself but

conquered                                          her fear.          A girl who

desires                                               approval.         A girl who

still likes                                             reading            kids’ books

just for                                                fun.A girl         who loves

lying on                                              the beach        and listening

to the                                                  waves.            A girl who hopes for a husband &

family                                                 one day.          A girl who wants nothing more

than to                                                be happy.       And that girl.      That girl is me.

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