To myself the thought of flawless becomes a thought of flaws

Here lies flawless, and here lies me

I appear below flawless

For I sink below into the midst of my flaws

Falling deeply into the realm of my own insecurities

I have learned to grasp my insecurities and let them to define me rather than hinder me

I raise above my insecurities and call them the things that secure my beauty

For I am an athlete define by my muscles and outward appearance


That’s what I think 

I have bigger body, stronger mind, better life style

I am an IB diploma candidate

I have written, research, and can comprehend more than the average high school student

I have confidence, I have a great personality, and a smile which can light up a whole room

Unflawed by my Nigerian beauty and culture,

My athleticism, and intelligence

I’m imperfectly perfect but that’s what makes me flawless

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