I’ll start by saying I’m not the photo type
Most people see me as a robotic prototype
An impenetrable rock
With his heart on a lock
A guy who doesn’t care about anything
Who when offended will start to swing
But that couldn’t be farther from the truth
And I’m going to tell you so you don’t have to play a sleuth
I think its time for a reintroduction
I’ve been running from it but I will finally give in to its tempting seduction
When I look in the mirror
I can see myself a lot clearer
I’m not the guy whose hard as a rock
I spend most of my time watching the clock go tick-tock
I occasionally act like my dad
Spurts of anger that leave those closest to me sad
Thats why I don’t let many people in 
I don’t want to feel pain again
I don’t want a lot of attention
But my last breakup left my heart in suspension
So I guess I could be classified as a lost soul
Whose searching for something to fill the gaping hole
That was left in my heart
Which is why I spend most of my time apart
From the people that matter most to me
Yet the error of my ways is hard to see
That is why I went to the mirror
So other people don’t see my shadow 
So my personality can be portrayed clearer
So I don’t stay stuck on this emotional plateau 
But I wouldn’t prefer for everyone to know me
I only want a few people to see
What I am truly like
That’s why I freeze up when I get a mic
I don’t want people to see the humor
I don’t want to start a rumor
I just want to be left to myself with a few friends
Because when I get too much attention I feel like I’m diving and have the bends
And then I get back to square one
Through this rut I continue to run
The cycle of being shy
Then trying to express but getting discouraged and soon I begin to sigh
And as my self-explanatory rhyme ends
I wish that time is something I could bend
So I could go back to the first time I got hurt
And flip it around so I didn’t fall to the dirt
But I can’t go back in time to change me
So I’ll just live with myself and let time show me
Why I am the way I am the way I am
But until then I’m going to live my life
But I won’t put up a personality scam
I’m gonna be me and hope it doesn’t bring me strife
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