This Is Me


Behind the curtain I stand small...lost
"Go" they say pushing me forward, but not I
How can I revile myself and not be mocked?
I love not what you love
But, I do dream like you never did
The world of art, study and nature are mine
You make fun of me because I'm not like other girls
You call me a weirdo and a loner
Yet that is who I am
I love to explore great minds
Books and study are my foods
I accept  you for who you are....
My curtain opens, I hear and see beautiful things
No more hiding on the other side of my fears
God made me the way I am
What do I have to be ashamed of?
Listen to my voice and heed my words, please.
Just because someone is different..
It doesn't mean they aren't worth as much.
And as for me, I'm ready to face the world because.....
This is me.
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