Thu, 06/26/2014 - 08:47 -- afrocdm

Tick...tock...tick...tock...breathing, thinking, hoping

I keep waiting, waiting to escape, to be free, to be Me.

It's so dark, so ominous, with no end in sight.

Voices. I hear many voices, trying to reach help save Me.

There are things, creatures...beasts surrounding Me,

Ones with half-eaten souls and conformed lives and bodies.

They reach for Me, to grab Me, capture Me, make Me one of them.

Is this life?

Being trapped, lost, deprived of the outside world?

I feel the never-ending cold seeping past my dermal barrier

And creeping into my heart and soul, as if ice was flowing through my veins.

Now I hear voices...dark, cold, slithering voices.

So horrible...I think I am losing my sanity.

I want to be find Me.

One second, five, ten, hour has gone by.  So cold…

I can feel Them touching Me now, and I start to freeze from the inside of my heart.  So dark...

Is this the end? With no end in sight?


A speck...a spark...a little ball of light.

Is this it?  That once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape?

I try to reach it, just to touch it, hold it, embrace it.

Wait!  Those creatures are back!  

They are trying to stop prevent Me from living life.

They are whispering to Me, telling Me to join accept be Them

No! They can’t take Me!  They won’t change Me...transform Me...destroy Me...

I don’t want to be like life in the dark, living in an abyss filled with doubt and despair.

I force my cold-embraced hand through my gray cell bars and towards the light,

Stretching...reaching...almost there...

The tip of my finger touches the little ball of light, and immediately swarms Me.

Warmth engulfs my body, refreshing Me, healing Me.  

Power, strength, I can feel it again.

I push away all those immoral beasts, those who have doubted Me, misconceived Me.

I break my cell and take a step. I begin to  This is it...this is life.

Here I am, world!  Hear my voice!

I have escaped.  I'm free...I've found Me.  Me.  Me. I am Me.



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