Behind my eyes lies a soul that has been hurt.


Time and time again.

Behind my smile is a tongue that has said many words.

 Only for them to be twisted around and turned into something that was not meant to be.

 Behind my light skin is a heart that has been broken and put together again.

Only for it to be shattered by the same being that repaired it.

 Beyond my skull, there lies a brain.

A brain that has thought numerous thoughts.

Some bad, same good and some just cannot be put into a category.

 It has thought of many things from the Pythagorean Theorem to suicide.

 I am no higher than any other being in this world; yet, I am touching the sky.

 I have fallen many times, only to get back up again.

 I need no other being to make me happy, only me, myself, and I.

 It may have taken me a while to figure it out, but now I know and I will not ever forget.

 Because, behind my eyes, there lies a soul that is all mine and will never be hurt again.

 Behind my smile is a tongue that is held.

And behind my skin, there lies a heart.

A heart that will never be broken again… <3


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