This is me

Shorter than a 6 foot tree, but arm length of a NBA players 3
Food can be a main part of this theme, but it takes a whole lot to just eating
Staying asleep & dreaming is one thing I do not bring, waking up & chasing my dreams is a daily routine
Positive attitude as in being a well mannered human being
Goofy as a clown with brains working hard
Energy like a 6 year old kid consuming billions of cookies
Hard work dedication sacrifice are the 3 main keys
Punches in the face, Sore, and aching muscles
Blood, sweat, tears is what make up a fighter
Win is a win, a loss is just an experience willing to be learned
I am a girl, I have dreams and I will chase them intill I achieve them
Standing alone with just one dream, to become successul and show everybody what i can be
I am a boxer
I am not afraid of a black eye, busted lip, or any pain
I will show you how great i am
This is me
This is me achieving my dreams


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