I am not a single word, nor a single thought.

I’m not what you may think I am.

I’m not so easy to follow.

I’m not the pattern you set for me.


You see, I can be many things.

I am like a dual-layered DVD

You discover when you turn the disc-over,

A continuation of the same story,

A sequel to the current story,

Or, a new story all together.


Like me, if you respect me the way I respect you

I will always be the same loving person to you.

The story will never change. And trust me,

This would be for the better.


If you love me like I love you

we’re writing a sequel to our friendship.

We’re making new beginnings in this newfound story.

And stirring it into what can become unbreakable.


When I say “love”, I don’t mean marriage.

Rather, it means you got 0 doubts in that person.

More like a faithful best friend that can’t be broken

No matter the ups and downs.


But, to every good person is a dark side.

Push or rub me the wrong way, I can be a friend turned nightmare.

You see, enemies don’t last forever.

Nightmares do though, even if you forget about them.

They just find their way back into your head.


Make me out to be whatever you want.

Abuse my trust, you’ll never forget me.

Not in the way you want to think of me.

But I wouldn’t care. You never did.


I’ll be the story that you never wanted to write.


I’m not a single word, nor a single thought.

Simply put,

I’m me, and only me.


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