You think you know who I am,

What I am capable of?

You don't know the start.

My life isn't a vase of roses

Not a white cloud drifting by forming your own image

I am myself,

and you can't change me

You can try forcing me to forget how to live, forget how express.

Express my own image,

You can try to keep me down, down from pure knowledge.

You can try, but I won't give. I won't give up on my life.

You can force me to do what you want, but on the inside I am still me

Not a cloud changing to see what you want.

I am a cloud shaped like a dragon, a dragon breathing fire.

This fire keeps me alive.

I am who I am and I will not change because you think I am under your control. 

I am myself so don't force me to be another mock creation of failure,

Let me be my own success.



My favorite part is expressing myself like a fire breathing dragon because my teachers can't touch me to change me.

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