Wed, 09/04/2013 - 21:08 -- Lain12

I was meant to let go I'm a person with a tight grip Never wanting to forget I know pain for I have seen it inother's  I've felt it many times Love? A feeling towards family is all I know A feeling towards that special someone I still await for Waiting for him to take my hand  Waiting for the laughs we will share Waiting for the heartbbreak one of us will go through I like to converse with myself  For I know I won't judge I understand I had no one that was willing to see me I keep secrets hidden very well never to be found I am like a child the sweetness of life is always good The bitterness must be conquered with a smile I am who am Not very talented but special in my way Not a pretty face or wanderous body But I try even though I fail miserably Don't turn you back on me like the rest Won't you stand with me like friend than an enemy? I was hurt for they sought out to put all blame on me The hurt turned to anger I couldn't bare this by myself I left with everything right inside my head The voices reminding me interrupting when times are good I've learn to accept it all now I can see a brighter tomorrow I'm not strong but in time I will I saw that life has its ups and downs Not everything is green and bright but at times it can be dark and black I won't change this part of me not even for all the wonders of the world


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