This Is Me

The music that sings within me doesn’t ring as loudly now

I hold on to pieces as my heart falls to the ground

But, time heals all wounds right?

I thought that could be true…

What do they do with people like me,

that just want to be everything?

I could never decide

I realized, though, that I find myself in the middle of time with words

There’s no pressure, there’s no hurt

It is just me, and words

The sky isn’t so heavy and my dreams don’t seem so far

Life lifts off of me as the rain beats down

My tongue is stained in the folds of my journals

I feel secure with my books and thoughts

And my old highlighter to trace the voices of legends that came before me

I look in the mirror, and I see someone who has lost herself so many times

Disappointment and rage

But I know that girl… and she has written to reinvent herself so many times

She has finally found a new spirit in the midst of her story

Still being written



I AM A WRITER, and this is ME!




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