This Is Me


This is me

a young African American female searching for her voice

This is me , a shy girl trying to find her self within the world

I am who I am and never lose sight of the dream

its not just a dream its the American Dream 

where the color of your skin is accepted where ever you walk on this Earth

no matter what happens keeping faith in myself keeps me going

This is me a young African American female first attending college in my family

being born and raised in America has shown me whats really important

its not the clothes or the shoes you have on its what you can bring to the world

without a doubt I am trying to live this dream called Hope, hope within myself and hope within others

the love for my country never will die as long as Im here I know I will strive.



The poem I wrote is based on the things I've been through and what I am proud of. Never giving up hope is the first thing that will keep me smiling in the world. To live in a place where everyone is equal and we all would like to live in the American Dream.

I hope to have established a better understanding of who I am and finally let the world see who I really am. Finally feeling accepted has been the best feeling in the world.

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