McDonald's Kid


Always open

Always serving

Always there

Just existing


McDonald's is the kid who never left home

Grew up here

Made a name for itself

And never found a reason to leave


I don't want to be McDonald's

I want to go off

I don't want to sit


Watch my life go by

I want to be something



Ten years pass

Im still here in Harrisburg


That's how many years I have lived in this city

Im going to leave

Someday soon

Ill buy a ticket out

And get big somewhere


I won't be a McDonald's Kid


10 more years

I've married Jackie

She always said she'd get the hell out of here

Im glad she didn't

We have kids now

We didn't ever want them before

My life has meaning

Kids, get in the car

We're going to McDonald's


Today's my 100th birthday

Jackie died in a car accident 50 years ago

My son has just come back from college

My daughter just graduated high school

They were coming to surprise me at work

Car came

Liam turned too slow

Their lights forever faded, like stars swallowed by the night sky


I'm still here


I'm still here



They tore down the McDonald's today

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