Maybe One Night

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 18:12 -- usasid


Every time I look in the mirror

A face shows up

Except it’s not mine

I… can’t control it

She’s taken over my life

I just hope one day she becomes my wife


My parents call it infatuation

My brothers think it’s nasty

And my friends see it as a joke

But I know…

No matter whether anyone believes

That it’s love


They say that love is the language of the heart

But with her,

It conquered my mind

Gave my eyes dreams

And provided life its meaning

Now all I do is dedicate my time

Thinking, Dreaming, and Talking about her


It’s not that I’ve fallen for her

Just cause, she’s pretty or rich or smart

Not that she isn’t

It’s only because she’s full of virtues

And has a personality that I’d die for


And the best thing is she loves me too

But life isn’t that simple, is it?


Our culture won’t let us talk face to face

Forget, going out on a date

So all we do is sublimate

Our love into works that make the world a better place


I guess that’s how life works

Just the way the sun burns and the earth suffers

The heart falls in love and the mind suffers


It’s tough, controlling this and being so pure

But we both know that if it’s really love

Then God will reward us

Because good things always comes to those who wait


Today we both go off to college

Headed in different directions

And not knowing whether we will meet again

I say goodbye

But I hope there will come a time

When we will be saying goodnight, every night


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