Maybe, One Day.

It started in the cool winter night
Under the moon and stars
Surrounded by light.
Time stopped as the world spun
the center of the universe 
where the two became one.
But eventually, time moved on
as they fought against the clock
two against the world
refusing to stop.
they fell head first,
and like the spring rain they fell fast.
they got lost in the moment
creating the past,
but time caught up
and the heat did too
and soon the goodbyes came,
the small gap became huge
so they wandered off 
on their two different paths 
and just occasionally meandered
down a road into the past
they would sit and remember 
those few months long ago
and then they'd move on
and get on with the show
back to her house
her children 
and life
back to his home
his pets 
and his wife. 
and maybe, just maybe 
they'll meet again
and sit and drink coffee
side by side like two very old friends. 


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