Maybe one day...

Maybe one day...
we will all be free
we can all laugh and share our thoughts with one another without being criticized
we can talk about our feelings without being judged.
Maybe one day...
in the future all people will be kind, not just a select few.
everybody will care and be wary of what they say
instead of having no filter, where words flow like waterfalls and crash into society like a hurricane
Maybe one day...
there will be no such thing as bullying-no such thing as bullies
imagine, playgrounds full of smiles and classrooms full of cacophonies of kids all giggling and sharing and being nice
there will be no peer pressure, or pressure at all for that matter, all you'll be expected to do is your best.
Maybe one day...
war will be behind us.
a horrible myth or a scary story
countries will be at peace within themselves and each other; there will be communication in place of conflict
Maybe one day...
if someone takes a stand, acts upon instinct, and actually wants to make the world a better place
if we come together as a globe and make things right, set them straight and improve everyone's lives
Maybe one day...
this could happen, but until then, you. You need to make a difference.
Make your voice heard!
because until then we are stuck in this world. this mess
Maybe one day...

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Our world


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