Maybe I Should Tell You

Drowning in derision

a self-loathing hate

I pull myself apart

and crucify my heart


Now the story shows

tells the lines never said

the truth behind my lies

things hidden by my eyes


Fooled you all into hope

while I sat hopeless

to save you the worry

but I can't live for you


There's no reason to live for me

I have no self-incentive

to fight a battle lost

when strength has already faded


I pushed you all away

while seeming to pull you in

told you of the surface

but kept the dark inside


Maybe I should tell you

a warning from my heart

maybe I should show you

how I bleed within


You'd never understand

you'd see just what you want

and there's no reason for me

to show my sad weakness


I play on my own words

make them dance a different tune

while the voice inside my heart

sings a sad sad song.


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