Mon, 09/01/2014 - 23:56 -- csclark

Time is shorting, and you’re wasting yours.

You’re ignoring your battles and losing the wars.

All the while, you deny what rests before your eyes.

You’re so far gone, you’re falling for your own lies.


And I’m sorry to say, but I just can’t help feel

That you don’t really want to heal.

You find blissful peace when you give in

To the dark fixation you crave within.


Do you want to stay this way forever?

Do you want to be like this forever?


You cry, “Maybe.

Maybe we were meant for this.

Maybe this is all I have.

Maybe this way when you’re gone,

I won’t feel along for long."


“And maybe it’s not right to be

So dependent on something that’s killing me.

But life is had and times are tough.

It doesn’t make me happy, but it’s close enough."


“So, maybe…”


There’s more to life than this.

This isn’t what having the time of your life is.

Seeing you throw everything away is agony.

If only you could see.


You’ve forgotten about your past.

And your future is approaching fast.

There was good times and great days.

There could be more to come if you find a way.


Unless you want to stay this way forever.

Unless you want to throw it all away forever.


And you cry.

Oh, you cry,





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