Maybe it fits to be the person you are,
one without care, without concern.
maybe it fits because you cant seem to understand
What kind of actions are taken to raise a good woman or man.

Maybe you're just a product of life,
and in the end maybe i was a product too,
a product of dicombobulated misery of hidden truths.
Maybe you couldnt save me, and maybe i hated you,
but even then maybe it would have made sense to somehow have you.

Maybe a mother who pretends is worse than none at all,
and maybe a few lies so big can somehow cover the fall.
the fall from glory, the envious reign,
of taking over my life, inducing the pain.
see, maybe im not meant to win,
And maybe you're not meant to parent,
but i sure as hell didnt pick the poison
when i emerged onto this planet.

Maybe he hurt you, maybe he told lies,
And maybe you think of me as just another him in disguise,
maybe the rain will stop, and the clouds will dissipate
to give us enough time to set this all straight.

Maybe i love and i hate,
maybe they are one in the same,
And maybe, just maybe,
You'll admit you feel the same.


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