May I Be Blunt.


It’s not working

And not much has changed

So it’s time for blunt action

To take place.

I should not worry

Walking home at night.

Teach your sons no means no

And cat calls make you look like dogs.

It’s not your place to tell me to keep my hair long

And a pixie cut is not code for sexually confused.

So I don’t want kids?

Congratulations, it’s up to me

And it doesn’t make me irresponsible for traveling

Or reading instead.

My best friend’s a slut

For making love

But he gets encouragement

For slamming the drunk blond.

And I’ve heard it’s inappropriate

To discuss my monthly pain

But you will not leave the chance to judge

For not scraping over every follicle with a blade.

Now I can go on forever

And one day maybe I will

But I’m sick of the judgment so let’s make one thing clear,

I’ve paid my dues to society

In vomit and tears

Bruises and blood

And thoughts of destroying and taking actions

That are the upmost of nonrefundable.

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia

Spiraled from the expectations of too many.

A word of advice from a veteran like me,

Take that extra slice.

Wear your lipstick red.

Cry when the wizard dies.

And the next time someone says

“Chill out, it’s just a joke.”

Look them straight in the eye.

“Fuck you.”


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