Mommy loves you lots

Always on my mind

X marks the spot on my heart

Just wish you was here with me 

All the hard work I do is because of you

Moments don't pass by without you

Everybody would love you

Someday we will meet for the first time

Anyone can see that your my angel

Nobody knows the pain mommy has for you

To love you is so easy but to lose you was so hard to bear

Everyday your on my mind

Love is what I have for you

Opened my eyes to see love 

Proud is what I am for staying strong

Even in the sky your loved

With heaven I know your safe

Hurt is what I feel 

I love you baby boy

Till we meet baby boy 

Everyday I get better from the hurt

Growing is what I wish I could see you do 

Ready for you to be free

A baby who never got to meet his mommy

So loved but so missed

Somebody is taking care of you for me

                             P.S LOVE MOMMY


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