A Matter of Depression: I am... On the Edge


Nearly crumbling on the edge of sanity — tip-toed, teetering and tottering

I am ready to collapse at any given moment,

at any given second.

I am fairly certain of my inadequate understanding of this world.


The philosophies that you are able to comprehend

so damn easily,

so goddamn well

can’t get through my thick and senseless skull.


And you ask me why, so many damn times it can't.

Because it just can't.


And I tell you I know not why, with all sincerity;

reason being, that I have given up on it all.

No longer is it a matter of when it will be better,

but how to become better.


Swaying back and forth,

the clock is ticking.

And time isn’t getting any slower.

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If you jump off that edge, you would hurt someone who loves you. I'm not gonna lie and say it will get better because I've been there. It might take month or even year to become acceptable. Just hold on and you will be glad you did. Way too many amazing teens have become a statistic. Don't be one of them. Please read my poem and tell me what you think.

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