Math Teacher


The Edge of the Frost Field
United States

Math teacher, oh math teacher, why are you blue?

Is it because someone bullied you? 

Do you think it's wise to ridicule?

Make us slaves, make us mules.

Some of us aren't as smart or fast,

Do you think we'll even last?

Why do you neglect us, leave us behind,

Yet talk and talk about what's on your mind.

No one wants to hear about your car drama or your new shoes,

What we really want to hear is, how to do quadraticals

For days and weeks I roam these halls,

Looking for a counselour who's got balls

Hoping, praying, they'll tell your face,

That to teachers everywhere, you're a great big disgrace!

For the city, the state, the country, the students,

We should all have the right to learn, Even though we have our moments

Oh math teacher, oh math teacher, Please don't shut us out.

Listen to our cries, We NEED YOUR HELP!

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