The Masquerade of the Glass Faces


Stand straight,

Look forward,

Never show weakness.


Each gentle glass face glistening,

The imperfections

The cracks,

The Broken Bruised and Battered

The Shattered,

Covering up the missing pieces.


Each person dressed for a never ending masquerade

Each beauty unknown,

The Broken with eyes covered

Hoping, praying to be seen and saved.


The full-face Masked ones

With little glass skin showing

Their masks so entrancing,

Their eyes so deep,

Their beauty never ending.


Alone, each mask comes off their shattered faces, only seen by themselves

Missing pieces of their broken hearts, hidden under cloth

They have given up their hopes of being saved

Because those who see,

See as much as a blind man.


Relying on only the feet they walk on

Their hearts and minds, ambiguous

What you see is only what they want you to see,

This masquerade of the glass faces ends when death begins,

But your legacy stays with the mask

In this never ending masquerade.  


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