Masked Woman


People see me and assume they know everything about me based off of the little information they know.

Most people see me and assume that I am a privileged bookwork who has never experienced anything bad happen to her before. People assume that getting good grades is easy for me.


What most people don’t know however is that I work extremely hard to get the grades I do.


 Most people don’t know that I grew up surrounded by poverty, screaming, abuse and drug use.

Most people don’t realize that I was neglected most of my childhood and the reason I get such good grades is because during my childhood I hoped that if I got good grades my mother might have actually paid attention to me.


Most people don’t realize that I have 2 brothers that are also my cousins, because my father had 2 children with my mother’s sister.


Most people don’t realize that I still cry myself to sleep most nights because I feel so terrible that I left my younger brother and sister alone to deal with my mother.

Most people don’t realize that my younger sister has a life threatening genetic disease that puts her life span at about 38 years.

 And that it took me a year after my sister was born to move out because I couldn’t handle abandoning my baby sister like my older sister did to me when I was 14 and she ran away from home.


Most people don’t realize that it takes a lot out of me to wake up every day and keep a smile on my face. But I have to keep that smile there because the alternative is to cry hysterically every second of the day.


Most people do not realize that the person the meet every day is nothing more than a woman in a mask....


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