The masked fool

Read these lines with passion. Read them with anger towards people who hide behind social media and try to be manipulative heroes.




I see you hiding behind the curtain of social media.

Actively avoiding the light of human interaction.

I hear your fingers go clickety clack clack, 

swiping and typing on your phone erasing the courage to talk to me.

Those nimble fingers glide on your phone to

change your yes to no just hours before the party.

I can sense you stringing me with maybes

Turning my night of exciting anticipation to anxiety.

reducing a respectable heartfelt sorry to an emoji.

stalling the response to my text as you think of an excuse

I am your second plan, in case the first one fails... 

Eat your words as your stories are exposed, 

as they did not align with you snaps or posts.

See.. you have to be clever when you take me for a fool

my analogous mind is a very powerful tool.

 Oh ! you clever digital being, you have harnessed the power of being face less...

Truth be told you are actually spineless.


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