Mask of a Ballerina

Dance Ballerina, dance your worries away

Let the music sooth your soul as you dance ballerina, dance

Let the rythm save your problems for another day

Nobody knows what lies beneath that beautiful mask you wear

Nobody knows enough to even try to care

Sometimes I ask God why life isn't fair

But then I remember I can just dance it all away

So just dance, ballerina dance

One day things will change

One day you won't have to wear that mask

One day you wont need to sip from that flask

So until then, Dance Ballerina Dance



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Love. I want to know more. I want to see more of what's behind the mask.

But I suppose that's why it's there, isn't it?

Beautifully done~ <3


(Just one little thing: line 3 "r[h]ythm")

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