I'm that girl who always smiles through her sadness or happiness

The girl who tells herself to be strong and never let others down

The one who likes to help others whether she knows them or not

I’m that one girl who loves making new friends and meeting different people from around the world.

I'm that girl who likes to put smiles on the people’s faces

The one who wants a better life for others more than for herself 
I'm the girl who have nine siblings from different mothers

The one who always feelings like the whole world is against her but tells herself to always stay positive and to always be strong through thick or thin times,

I'm that one girl who understands the other person even when it’s hard for the others to understand her.

Yes indeed I am the one girl who you can always say she smiles for no reason because truth is I do but I do it for the others and not for myself 
I'm that girl who can trust so many people and give away all her being but gets nothing in return except heart broken

I understand because its life and in life everything is possible,

I'm that girl who has been let down by so many people but still tends to be with them.

I'm that one girl who you see down the street with a smile on her face as if she has no struggles going on her life

I want people to know that I can handle my problems by myself without involving others
I'm that girl who can't dance or sing

The one who gazes at people with a special look that tells them that she cares and has love for them
I'm that one girl who loves too much and cares too much for the others when all they are doing is finding ways to hurt her and give her a heart break,

I'm that girl who never gets appreciation or love from her parents yet she still loves them and respects them as her parents

You see me as nothing or as if I don't know anything

Trust me,

I know what is happening around the world and I know what I am doing,

You find ways to make me look bad and put me down

But I bet that you will fail on casting me away that

You will notice that what you did was totally wrong

Yes you can see I'm that one girl who lives it up to the world and have no worries even when she knows she can't overcome the sad feelings inside her 
I'm that girl who loves her fiancé, her family and her friends,

Who sees life as a beautiful
I'm that one girl who hates ignorant people, gossipers, apathy and animals,

Who fears failure, success, and mediocrity
Who dreams of a successful life, writing poems and helping others,

Who has found writing poems as a way of letting out stress and letting the world know who she is 
You see me entering your class everyday with all the work that I need to write on,

You see me write all that you have told us to write and I never let you down

You see me siting on the back of the room,

Who shows the shy face of herself when you ask her to read and to come in front of the board,

You notice I'm the type of person who gets shy but yet you still embarrass me in front of the class,

Making fun of me and how I look,

How I dress you embarrassed me

In front of the class for students to laugh at me,

When walking down the streets,

You caused stress inside of me,

I never wanted to come into your class the next day

You made my life so miserable,

I wanted nothing but to never see you around anywhere in my whole life.

You never listened to me when I asked for help all you have ever told me was to ask the other student who is next to me, who was “like me” to answer to the problem,

You didn't understand the reason why I raised my hand,

You let me down and for once I was surprised,

No other teacher ever let me down the way you did,

You make me feel dumb,

You made me feel like I knew nothing in your class,

You knew I tried my best to be the best student that I can ever be but you have forced me to do what I didn't want to do,

You made me gave up on my education yet I stayed strong and told myself that I can do this, but yet you still managed to give me the grades that I never deserved

How can you be such a cruel teacher?

How can you let your students down when you know you are one who’s supposed to encourage them?

Is that how such a person can be as a teacher?

You should be caring to your students regardless of what race they are,

Help us without sending us away,

Let students be nice to each other rather than disrespecting each other,

Never pick sides,

Race doesn’t matter we have all come here to learn and given freedom

When grading, grade fairly without discriminating,
Education is the success of life

If we are not educated what are we?

Life can be very hard without education,

Being educated is the most important part of my life,

If we are educated than we can know we can help our friends and know that I can help myself .


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