12 years of school
6 years in elementary
2 years in middle school
4 years in high school
180 school days per year
2160 school days in total

In 2160 days, some kids get bullied
In 2160 days, some kids bully others
But the bullies don't know
That the kids gething bullied
May be cutting themselves,
Or trying to suicide
Or crying every night because of them

"It wasn't just me, everyone else did it too," bullies say later
But they don't get it
The people who got bullied suffered so much because of them
Yet...yet the bullies aren't feeling shame
The people who got bullied got so much mental stress
Because of 1 person......
1 person who led everyone else into bullying

Yet the still smile
Like there's nothing wrong
But only during the day
During the night, no one know what they might be doing
Except for themselves

No one knew that they wore a mask to hide
Their true feelings that cried

And everyone has the ability
To break that mask
And show their true self.

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Our world
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For those who bullies, got bullied, or just the people who watch others get bullied around...

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