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She's been a friend.
She's been family.
She's been their life,
She was his downfall.
Watching her kill slowly,
But quickly at the same time.
His eyes rolled back,
His body shook violently.
Mary took hold of him,
She wasn't going to let go.
One moment they are all laughing,
Passing her around,
Letting her "hit" them with a powerful punch.
The next moment, there is a loud zip.
A black body bag taking him away.
His obsession with her,
His need for her scent,
His yearning for a "half-eighth" of her time.
She ruined his dreams..
Destroyed his future..
Took his life.
Mary is more like a bad habit,
Than she is a person.
People try and get rid of her,
But sometimes she returns.
For some, Mary isn't important anymore,
Not to them,
She's not worthy of their lives,
Although she was to him.



This poem means so much to me and my past. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy every word.

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