Fri, 09/15/2017 - 15:16 -- Skanski

Because I love you


I shelter you from the onslaught of emotional abuse the world pitches

Instead of holding your hand,

My body is used as a shield to block all the rage and pain directed at you


Because I love you


You run carefree, like you should

With no clue that I’m always five paces behind you

A shadow that looms to protect

Taking the brunt of everything evil that wants to taint your innocent disposition


Because I love you


Slowly, my being starts to dwindle and crack

Under the constant pressure of bearing the weight of what should be your pain

I know that sheltering you won’t help you in the long run

But I’m a prisoner shackled inside my own body that refuses to let you experience

What it’s like to feel so helpless against uncontrollable tribulations


Because I love you


I will keep you safe until my last dying breathe

Which rapidly catches up to me because what is supposed to be your ache

Is slowing crushing me from the inside out

You’re not ready to experience the world as it truly is without rose-colored lenses


Because I love you


I let the winds of fate carry away my weary body

The realm of all things wicked and corrupt is now yours to endure

But I wouldn’t change for one second what I did


Because I love you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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