In Martin Luther King Jr.'s eyes

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 21:22 -- DWheel


United States
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Started as a vision of a free nation
then into a life of domination,
life as I knew it was about race
and the creators are just playing a game.

The Constitution says every man is created free
but racism really took over life as I can,
having separation of almost every right
gives me motivation to enact the Civil Rights.

As it started with support
there came later some reports,
that my house was put to flames
and now I'm in jail without a shame.

I was later shot to death on one day
who is the definition of James Earl Ray,
and even though I died
I still gave it a well-known try.

I will forever have a legacy
of visioning a spectacular dream,
this everyone is purely equal.

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This song is in King's perspective and vision. Hope you enjoy this everybody.

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