The Martial Arts Muslim Is Here

The martial arts Muslim is hiking on a sunny day;

He notices something horrible and here are more things that I'll say.


A white man, wearing a Donald Trump hat, is getting beaten by four thugs who are black;

The martial arts Muslim is going to rescue the white man and that's a fact.


The Muslim grabs one of the thugs by the shoulder and simultaneously kicks him in the back of his knee;

The Muslim delivers a martial arts chop to the side of the thug's head, making him fall down, as you can see.


The Muslim kicks the second thug in his face and finger jabs the third thug in his eye;

The Muslim also kicks the third thug in his face and that's no lie.


The martial arts Muslim kicks the last thug in his groin and in his face;

The black thugs are a disgrace to the human race.


After he beats up the thugs, the Muslim comforts the white guy, which is true;

Calling the police is something else that the martial arts Muslim would do.


The white man thanks the Muslim for rescuing him, which is great;

The beaten black thugs are full of hate.


The police arrive to arrest the beaten thugs who are total fools;

The police tell the white man that they'll take him to a hospital, which is cool.


The police arrest the thugs and take the white man to the hospital, which is swell;

The martial arts Muslim is here to fight evil and that's all that I'll tell.


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