The Marked Men

Wed, 12/07/2016 - 15:24 -- Vamps

I can't decide what's worse,

putting money before Mother Earth?

or stabbing a man in the throat?

both are making us choke,

gasping for air, the last word spoke.

I'm yet to find the pulse on the arm of a man,

more focused on cash than the family plan.

Time to make some decisions,

who's against'em?  Who's with'em?

Either you're joining in on the killing,

or you ain't willing,

to be a part of this charade,

count the death toll on blood stained card.

A tally chart of corpses, unsaid, unreported,

speak up!  Their seems to be a shortage,

of good, honest speakers,

you'll have to do more than tweet us!

Time for fucking action!

Get rid of these sanctions,

on humanities hope,

and get rid of the dope,

funnelling smoke into your throat.

Just don't plead ignorant,

ain't gonna apologise for this rant.

But it's gonna need more than this,

line them up, shackles around the wrists.

Draw up plans of freedom,

poor out the truth and bleed'em,

dry off what they've taken from us,

all work together, we'll get it sussed.

They're fuckin marked men,

we're coming for, The Marked Men.






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