There should not be laws against the possession of and use of marijuana
Humans think they have the power and authority to illegalise a natural plant
The vegetation of the earth has been here before mankind was formed

It takes a complete idiot to make laws against the things that God created
Legislators claim that ganja is a controlled substance, not an illegal substance,
But the dishonest lawmakers are just feeding the people a pile of crap
Using a different expression to describe something does not change the thing

If the law of man does not allow people to freely possess and use marijuana,
Then it certainly makes the use of and possession of marijuana illegal
People have been killed, imprisoned and fined for breaking these farcical laws

Many people are opposed to smoking, especially the smoking of ganja,
But the fact is that not everybody uses marijuana for smoking
Marijuana can be used for other purposes such as tea and medicine
Furthermore, the hemp can be used to make fibres for fabric

In some countries police and soldiers search for ganja fields and burn them
The governments try to destroy the natural creation that no man can make
Ganja is a useful herb and men will not succeed in their attempts to destroy it

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