Mariana, or How to Melt Resiliently


You stand alone on a street corner
In a gray city of steel and cold
Your arms full of blankets
Woven from sunbeams you plucked
From empty skies
You give them all away
As frost gathers on your bare back
I want to fashion a blanket
Into a cloak of warm summer
To wrap you in light until it seeps beneath your skin
And you gleam like a grounded star
Stop standing on street corners giving your heart away
Tears freeze into icicles until
Your gown is as pale as you are thin
And I fear to embrace only water
The small and vulnerable flock to you
And you to them
Sensing similarity in sweetness
Cracking open your bones
To find marrow of pure chocolate
So when you finally turn
And walk away
I hear melody in your footsteps
Harmony in your breathing
And music in the words that pour forth
When you unstopper your soul
And, drenched in sunshine,



I wrote this poem for someone who has struggles with depression and an eating disorder. She's one of the sweetest people I know, and she has been making remarkable strides towards recovery. This poem is to encapulate her struggle process, and how proud of her I am; it is an attempt to capture a snapshot of a soul. 

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