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I had a friend name Maria who was 16 years old
she was a lost soul traveling down a dark lonely road
Her mom was on drugs, her dad didn't care
she never got love cause nobody was there
her parents separated when she was 4 years old
that was around the time her heart turned cold
she grew up in a dysfunctional broken household
living a hopeless life if the truth is told
but she went to school and got good grades
did everything for herself, attention pays
everyday praying for them better days
looking for love in all the wrong places
falling in love not thinking of the worst cases
started dating Shawn the neighborhood kingpin
he got her pregnant then she started going off the deep end
Shawn got mad cause he wasn't ready for a baby
but yet he was the only one sexing her crazy
on the bathroom floor, Maria had her baby
she was a strong girl, imagine her as a lady
to a handsome baby boy, Maria gave birth
Shawn left leaving her depressed and hurt
she went to the hospital just to get tested
HIV Positive, her life got hectic
then she cries on the hospital bed
many crazy thoughts are going through her head
so she walks with her baby and throws him in the dumpster
realizing what she had done made her feel like a monster
she made bad decisions, but had good intentions
love & hope was all she was missing
had enough of no love, so her heart was getting weak
overdosed on drugs, my friend Maria Rest In Peace.

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