A Marathon to a Mile



Many of them associate with sports,

It could be the harsh serve during a tennis match,

Or even the precision of a forehand swing,

The hurdle that feels like a mountain when jumping over it,

Running a 5k that feels like whole marathon,


There are many that correlate to academics,

Like the learning of epidemics,

The Civil War was pretty hectic,

The love and hate relationship with algebra,

And reading books that boosted mental stamina,


Some relate to relationships,

It can be hard to make a friend,

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a friend,


There are some that relate to humans,

We all have our own flaws and imperfections,

We all make mistakes,

We’ve all affected our surroundings somehow,

Whether giving them a hand or even advice,


Life is a challenge,

The first steps definitely used a ton of pressure,

The first day of everything usually weren't a pleasure,

Trying not to make things turn offshore while talking to the special someone,

Trying to survive school with the professor,

It is all an adventure,


We all learn many new things through a challenge,

Everything about us thrive with a challenge,

A challenge is something people face,

We devour the challenge,

Challenges make people stronger,




Challenges are amazing.



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My family
My community
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