Many Tongues Derrick Mr Poetry 7 Owens

(poems Over and over and over again these test kept being presented to them and they hesitated

He only knew how to handle the situations by fighting

She only knew how to handle the situation by opening her love with no remorse or sorrow and way to low expectations that’s why she could never own but borrow


He only knew how to love another man intimately because daddy never really loved mom knowing he seem aroused by another man

She only knew how to let another girl love he sexually causes her never saw daddy ever seem happy with mom.

She allowed brainwashing her to believe sex with would change her life for the better but it didn’t

But these are the many tongues that never knew how to speak outwardly

She used drugs to escape from the pain that she was dealing with

He cursed out multiply all because blessing didn’t come right then and there when he needed

She once had faith in God but put her faith into the wrong hands of satan traded her soul just for fortune and fame and now has what is distasteful and dirty gold

A mother who gave up on her kids now and jail just due to running to the streets and following the wrong crown when all she had to do is hold on to family and friends and come to the church

She screamed why

He screamed what it all for

The family now seems separated

These youth dying off one by one

These youth running to the streets for the wrong reason

She running to the pimp to get a fix

He turning to sex

Tears drop hitting the floor

Heaven can you hear them

Heaven can you hear them

Heaven can you hear them

Heaven can you feel this pain
Heaven can you feel this

Heaven when will this end

Heaven whats being done

Heaven why all the screaming

Heaven why all the madness

God I know that you care

God please

God please

Jesus please

Father please

Master please

Dear lord please

Lamb of God
King of King

Prince of Peace

I know you hear them. Please.

And as I be ginned to hit my knees and pray

And that’s when the family came back together and started worshipping God in spirit and truth

I started praying even more then that man and that girl who turned to gay loving for confused reason started surrendering to God and meet their better half

He found a girl that truly loves god fell in love with her and they had a son

She found a man in Christ who loved her for her and not because of her body part

The many people who been through pain found a way to get back to God and now have a victorious story to tell

This is the story of the many Tongues ( victory )

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